Total Grid Surveys also offer volumetric survey services to our clients. Volumetric surveys can play a very important part in the costing of construction projects and for Cut and Fill exercises.

A volumetric survey will allow the contractor to accurately calculate;

  • The amount of material that will be generated from on-site works.
  • The amount of material that will be required for fill (which allows for this to be factored into the cost projections from the outset).

Our experienced land surveyors use GPS and Robotic Total Stations to collect volumetric data from your construction site.

We then take the data in-house and process it to create incredibly precise 3D digital terrain models (DTM), which can then be used to form the core of your cross-sections, measurements, volumetric calculations and other such aspects of your project.

Theodolite With Tools Isolated

It’s essential to determine your material volumes, as it can form the basis of a number of different purposes such as how much material has been excavated and removed off-site, or how much material you will need to bring on site for your construction project.

Haulage Contractors are paid by the cubic metre for taking material off or on-site. Our surveys will help to measure this amount and cost-effectively ensure that the correct budget is put in place for such items.


As a contractor working on a quarry or other project site where you need to remove material, you want to ensure that you precisely measure the volume of the material removed in order to budget for the correct amount.

At Total Grid Surveys, we use our many years of industry experience and highly trained survey engineers to conduct accurate volumetric surveys.

We are continually on the look out for new and improved processes and technologies that will help us to deliver better results in a fast turnaround time.

Forest Survey

If you are interested in our volumetric surveys or would like to know more about our other survey services, simply give us a call or send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.