Pre-Planning Application Surveys

At Total Grid Surveys, we have decades of combined experience in the land surveying industry and one of our core service offerings is pre-planning application surveys.

Whether you need pre-planning application survey or not for your project, it is always a wise decision to get it anyway – as it will prove cost-effective and save you time should you encounter issues during the project at any stage.

Our expert survey engineers are able to advise you on pre-planning processes, as well as conduct the actual survey for your build.

We will first get involved at the very early stages of the project; we will undertake a consultation period with you so we can fully understand the scope of the project and what your individual build and design requirements are.

We then move onto an accurate and detailed survey of the land, area, building, property or terrain – producing precise deliverables for you, such as elevations, site layouts and 3D modelling.

These plans can then be submitted to your local council if necessary, or simply held onto for when they are needed in case of a future issue.

Failing to get a pre-planning application survey could result in some costly repercussions, as well as a long time delay in your project.

By using our pre-planning application services, you are adding more value to the planning aspect of your project, and a combination of our site analysis, topographical surveys and other services we will help to decrease the risk of costly project delays.

Why Choose Total Grid Surveys?

Without a proper pre-planning application survey, you could encounter costly delays on your project if you have an issue with any regulatory authorities.

At Total Grid Surveys, we are known for our comprehensive pre-planning services.

Whether you’re looking for engineering consultants to define your project’s scope and put a plan in place for execution or you need to get a second opinion to achieve your key objectives and have all of the necessary authorisations etc., your project will be in safe hands when you choose to work with us.

Give us a call or an email if you’d like to know more about our pre-planning application surveys or any of our other services and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.