As-Built Surveys

When adding to a building and/or site that is already completed, the local authorities are likely to require one (or more) as-built surveys to oversee that the project is being completed according to plans and requirements.

At Total Grid Surveys, we complete as-built surveys with the highest levels of precision to ensure that they satisfy Local Authority regulations – as well as assisting the building contractor to measure the progress of the project.

Unlike topographical or boundary surveys, which are primarily for measuring and capturing accurate data surrounding the physical aspects of the land itself – an as-built survey is there to capture and measure a snapshot of the current stage of the site’s development.

Any construction or add-on to a property needs to start off with a site plan showing the current location and dimensions of the land and buildings, as well as the proposed project plans; this is then used to show the progression of the project.

An as-built survey’s main purpose is to record the spatial data of all required underground and overground constructed items on that site i.e. drainage, services, levels, roads etc.

The number of as-built surveys is completely dependent on the size and scope of the project – a small-scale build may just require one as-built survey, however, large-scale building projects are likely to require a couple of them as the project progresses and develops.

In most cases, there will be more than one survey during the construction process and then one final survey once the project is completed – this ensures that the project has kept to specified plans and have been built in the correct manner and in a precise location.

Even if the Local Authorities don’t necessarily need an as-built survey for your project, a contractor may ask for the surveys to be carried out frequently during the project to ensure that everything is going according to plan, as well as keeping on top of the progress of the project – ensuring that it is keeping within the specified timeline to reach completion on time.

As-built surveys are incredibly helpful if there is a mistake or miscalculation in your build during construction – they make it much easier, and less costly, to find out where it went wrong.

They also allow you to make corrections and adjustments during the construction process, rather than after the project is completed.



At Total Grid Surveys, we are continually on the search for new technologies and processes to offer our clients better services and precise projects.

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