Robotic Total Station + GPS

At Total Grid Surveys, we continually strive to find new, innovative ways to produce high-quality surveys for our clients in a short space of time.

Our dedicated team of trained engineering experts are always on the lookout for state of the art technologies, equipment and processes that will take our customer service and the results we can achieve to the next level.


Theodolite With Tools Isolated

Our Leica robotic total stations are top of the range. All measurements are very accurate and precise and usually measure within 0.6mm to 3mm accuracy over 100m distance.

These total stations give us the ability to measure produces highly precise, detailed data for the terrain.

Each robotic total station has an inbuilt electronic distance measurement (EDM), which allows the total station measures its distance to the target within mere millimetres of precision.

Using prisms, servo monitors and infrared technology, total stations give accurate measurements and can automatically lock onto targets, which makes it easier to move them around the project site without losing the target measurement.

Technology has been advancing at an unprecedented rate over the last decade and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) are now able to deliver raw data that is more accurate to ±25mm accuracies.

By combining state of the art robotic total stations and the newest GPS technologies, Total Grid Surveys are able to deliver exceptional results on all of our client surveys.

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We are a proud Irish business at Total Grid Surveys, and we have experience in working on dynamic projects all over the country.

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The combination of our skilled team, affordable prices, fast turnaround time and precise services makes us one of Ireland’s most trusted name for land surveying services.

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