Site Control and Setting Out

At Total Grid Surveys, we believe that establishing primary site control from the start of a project is imperative for its success. An accurate Primary Control Network needs to be implemented and maintained from beginning to end in projects of any size, from small residential construction projects to massive commercial builds.

Total Grid Surveys has years of experience in implementing survey control for projects big and small, and we are a trustworthy source for providing accurate site control at all stages of a project, from the initial traverse all the way through to providing gridlines and datums.

Setting out is all about creating physical marks at the points required to precisely position a new construction, whether that’s a house, an office block, a road, highway, or simply any other new structural site.

These markers allow construction workers to accurately place the new structure or building on the correct position on site.

Setting out is essential to ensure that the new building or structure precisely matches the design of the site and complies with all the rules and regulations.

At Total Grid Surveys, we understand the challenges, demands and tight deadlines that come with any kind of project – whether it’s residential or commercial – and we quickly provide innovative solutions to meet your requirements.

We work with a broad range of clients including architects, consulting engineers and construction companies.

We Specialise In The Following Areas;

Reinforced Concrete Works
Structural Steel

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